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Years of research by world class scientists

Clinically Tested & Scientifically Proven

Delays Ageing Within Cells

Restoration of Cellular & Muscular Health

Supports Healthy Mitochondrria

Unique Bioactive Peptides Discovered By AI

Non-GMO, Plant Based, Sustainable, Vegan, Vegeterian

ELIOTM Restore Capsules

Take Elio Restore as a daily supplement in capsule form.

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ELIOTM Restore Sticks

Easily add to your daily shakes at home on or the go.

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There’s more data in this one apple then all social media put together

Machine Learning Is Unlocking Food’s Super Powers

Nuritas Raises $20 Mi For US Expansion

U2’s Bono Invests in a Food-Tech Startup

Where most people see a snack, Nora Khaldi sees data.

Importance of cellular health

Maintaining healthy muscle cells is a key requirement to living an active lifestyle as we age.

Our skeletal muscle mass reduces from 48% to 25% as we age and is mainly replaced by fat.

Elio Restore radically improves your cellular muscle health and regeneration.

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No PeptiStrongTM

Biopsy Results

With PeptiStrongTM

Elio Restore optimises cellular health

The unique active ingredient in Elio Restore is PeptiStrongTM . Discovered by the team of expert scientists at Nuritas™, PeptiStrong™ has been scientifically proven to target multiple pathways associated with aging and physical decline.

PeptiStrongTM helps maintain healthy lean muscle and significantly reduces the infiltration of intramuscular fat.

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Increase in new muscle protein synthesis *

Reduction in cellular inflammation *

Reduction in muscle loss **

Scientific team

In 2015 with a team of just three we discovered an ingredient that after proven research we knew could be life-changing to people worldwide. A supplement market that is currently flooded with products that may not give your body what it truly needs we asked ourselves the question.

“Supplements are designed to add something to the body like a car needing fuel. But adding fuel to an engine that isn’t at its optimal state wouldn’t give the best solution. Could this ingredient reboot both the engine and the car? 5 years later, 57 more experts, the answer is yes. Elio Restore is enriched with our unique PeptiStrong formula that pinpoints the issues within our cells and targets the engine of our bodies”

Meet the team

Our Founder, Dr Nora Khaldi PhD

I’m a mathematician and scientist with a PhD in Molecular Evolution and a lifelong goal to improve human health.

My passion is to help people live healthier lives and to enjoy good health for longer. This led me to found Nuritas and to the development of our first product, Elio Restore. With Elio Restore, we are offering real, effective, natural health benefits to our families and friends – and hopefully you.

The most exciting part of my week is when I get to sit down with the incredible team at Nuritas. Their expertise, passion and persistence is incredible and a source of daily inspiration.

We are discovering incredible natural peptides, like PeptiStrongTM, that no one has ever found before. Our team of scientists are proving that our discoveries have real, natural, tangible benefits for us all.

Dr Nora Khaldi,
Nuritas & Elio Founder

Latest videos

* Demonstrated in vitro.
** Demonstrated in vivo.